VISIA s.r.o.


At the VISIA studio we provide you with comprehensive services in architecture and urban planning at a high professional level. We will work with you from the initial idea to the detailed design level necessary for the realisation of your work, including engineering and structural calculations, consulting and building permit engineering.

Designing a new building, or remodelling an old one, we work with you to create the best possible space for you to live, work or relax in. We constantly monitor and thoroughly evaluate current trends in architecture and construction as well as the requirements of our clients. That is why we design a building or space for you with optimal investment and operating costs. The work we create for you is environmentally friendly and provide you and others with an aesthetic experience. We only select new solutions for you that have been proven by experts and practice.

During the project work, we take into account the acoustic requirements of the future interior and assess all critical details in terms of building physics.

To plan the project work and organize the construction, we create a dynamic timetable. This is also advantageous for the planned use of your financial resources, depending on the costs that the construction requires at the current time. Our communication language is Slovak and English.


Our projects are created in BIM (building information modeling). We create virtual twins of buildings. In this way, all process participants have full control not only over the design itself, but also over the cost of the future construction. In the 3D model, we thoroughly eliminate clashes between individual construction elements and reduce unplanned additional costs during future construction. The created building model will also be useful for the management of the building throughout its physical lifetime (IFC format model for facility management purposes).

For optimization of future investment costs and for optimal design of energy consumption.