VISIA s.r.o.


TECHNOV-New Plant. Building of the Year 2018-awarded for the exceptional quality of construction execution.

Reconstruction of the municipal office building in Šala where, in addition to creating an aesthetic design, we have implemented green roofs, hybrid facade, or bold glass awnings.

Winner of the Czech and Slovakia Construsoft BIM Awards 2016 in the category of industrial buildings (SKC Slovakia new foundry). This work was developed by our engineers at the level of workshop documentation. The construction used a reinforced concrete precast system in combination with monolithic furnaces - 6000m3, 1000 tons of steel, or 300 tons of thin-walled profiles and ten crane tracks.

GAZ filling station in Matúškovo - winner in the static design competition organized by SCIA among 4000 participating companies from all over the world. The image made it into SCIA's annual report.

The first family houses designed by us in passive standard were completed already in 2011.

VISIA builts its studio using warm air recuperation as early as 2007. The building is heated by computer technology and a fireplace.



Apartment house RUBICON Púchov, magazine ASB 5/2019
Municipal Office Šaľa, Slovo Šaľanov 1/2019
TECHNOV Rumanová, magazine ASB12/2018