VISIA s.r.o.



We are a team of architects and civil engineers

in the studio VISIA we provide comprehensive services in architecture and urbanism. We will work with you from initial design and up to the level of detail necessary for the completion of the work, including engineering and structural analysis, advice and complete engineering. Since 2004, we have participated in the creation of many dozens of construction projects from small family houses to residential or industrial complexes.

Your requirements and ideas materialize into economically effective proposals. Whether it is the design of a new or remodeling an old building, we strive to create the best place to live and work. We follow new trends in architecture and construction, so that we can create buildings or areas with low operating and investment costs. Our proposals are the most environmentally friendly. Among the new solutions we choose for you only those that are already proven in practice.

Our working tool

for more complex projects the BIM (Building Information Modeling). We are creating a virtual twin buildings in its entirety. Among the reasons, for example, control over the budget and a better understanding of future construction still at the design stage. This procedure prevents collisions between the straightening is performed elements in buildings and create conditions for the accurate planning and cost control for the construction and its operation. In this way we minimize additional construction costs. Creating a model of the building is also useful for building management in the future.

To optimize the investment costs and an accurate calculation of future energy use for your new construction methods we use "passive house planing package" (PHPP). This way we know exactly propose energy-passive, zero, or an active construction. To plan our work and work organization implementing companies can offer network timetable in Microsoft Project.